Consulting service

Consulting Service

Informing on process of soil preparedness to be sowed, application of fertilizers, conditions for seeds and seedling care after planting, methods of controlling pests and plant diseases.

Science-based crop rotation schemes

  1. Farm goals
  2. Financial and technical capabilities of farm
  3. Soil agro-chemistry
  4. Diseases and pests of plants involved in crop rotation
  5. Rainfall potential evapotranspiration and amount of irrigation water
  6. Soil nematodes

Fertilizers application schemes drawing up

  1. Considering results and composition of soil agrochemical, structural, organic and microbiological analyzes
  2. Considering the amount of irrigation water
  3. Considering the available fertilizers in the market

Plant chemical protection schemes drawing up

  1. Wide range of products (to be used in several phases of main plants growth stages)
  2. Environment, human health
  3. Minimal number of applications

Technological process working out

  1. Potential performance
  2. Growing season
  3. Temperature resistance
  4. Plant morphology
  5. Market demand
  6. Resistance to diseases, pests, herbicides
  7. Selection of soil suitable for soil and climatic conditions